Thursday, 20 October 2016

It's no longer an election for president; it's a nasty woman versus a misogynistic dinosaur

I’m British, so why am I interested in who wins the US presidency? Yes, they will have a huge influence in the world and politically, it’s a big deal, but for me, it’s more than that. 
This presidential contest has become about decency; about how we should treat one another. It has highlighted honesty and trust in politics in a huge way. It has also, bizarrely become very focussed on misogyny.

Donald Trump has plunged the depths to achieve a new low in political soundbites and sparring. He has accused Mexicans of being criminals and rapists, whilst condoning attacks on 'Black Lives Matter' activists at his rallies and insulting Jews, Muslims and others. He has tried to cover this up, by telling us all that he "loves" the blacks, the Muslims and the Hispanics.

But it's the personal attacks on his opponent that really show Trump's true colours. He has desperately tried to base the reason for him to be elected president on the fact that he's "a [self-declared] winner" and has travelled around the US spouting some of the most vile and offensive bullshit that I think I've ever heard. He has also attempted to base the reason that Hillary Clinton should not be president on the fact that she's a woman, most recently a "nasty woman". Trump seems to have based his campaign on winning an election in the 1950's.

The attacks on Hillary have been so low and have done nothing more than prove Trump to be completely threatened and utterly terrified by a powerful woman. 

It's a worthwhile reminder here that Hillary is a former Senator of New York and Secretary of State, as well as being a graduate of Yale Law School and having a successful career in law and teaching. Her "qualifications" as a wife, according to Donald Trump, show just how much he knows he can't come anywhere near her in terms of competence for the job of US Commander-in-Chief. 

Trump also attacks Bill Clinton, not on his actions as President of the United States, but on his actions as a husband to Hillary, suggesting that these failings as a husband ultimately mean she had failed as a wife and therefore is unfit to be president! He even retweeted and then deleted, "If Hillary Clinton can’t satisfy her husband what makes her think she can satisfy America?" 

The hypocrisy of Trump is astounding. He attacks Hillary as a failed wife, something his (also hypocritical) supporter, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has jumped on, saying that not knowing her husband was having an affair, means that Hillary is too stupid to be president. (Yes, he actually used those words!) Maybe that tells us more about the opinion he had of his own wife, when he announced in a press conference that his marriage was over, before telling her; showing the absolute contempt he held her in, before going on to marry his mistress.

Trump fakes his disgust at Bill's alleged infidelities, when his own record is hardly a glowing testament to the morality he says Clinton lacks - remember Marla Maples?  
But to demonstrate just how much Trump lacks the policies, statesmanship and dignity to become president, we have to consider some of the cheap stunts he has pulled during the campaign. To actually place women who have made allegations against Hillary's husband in the audience of a presidential debate is astonishing in itself - I really can't fathom how he thought that would play out, or what relevance it had to Hillary's ability to do the job in question.

So, as Trump consistently demonstrates that he believes women to be nothing more than a commodity - hence his love of beauty pageants and the objectification of women, while he talks about how we are an inconvenience with our periods and pregnancy, American voters are supposed to think he is a good and proper person, someone with the right scruples, experience, demeanour and know-how to become President of the United States. Seriously America, do you even have to think about it?