Saturday, 23 July 2016

Labour Can Be a Badass Opposition - Here's How!

The Labour Party is a disaster at the moment. Never mind that many people don't trust politicians; right now, they don't trust one another either! Right now, there doesn't seem to be a clear path back, so what can the PLP do, to turn public - and members' - opinion around? Here's my advice... 

First, when the contest is done, no matter who wins, Get behind the leader. Serve in the Shadow Cabinet and on the front bench. Pick up your briefs and hold the government properly to account. Ask the toughest questions, highlight their weaknesses. OPPOSE, we didn't vote for you so you could abstain and allow the government to enact Bills that were unfit for purpose - make them come back with something more palatable to the public. 

Stop falling into traps being laid by the government's advisors, traps that are designed to magnify minor - or major - disagreements within the Labour Party; get good advice on strategy and engagement with the public/membership. 

Be the team that supports and helps the leader to stand at the front of a strong and united army of hope against policies that harm the poorest and champion the rich. 

Do your damnedest to demonstrate that your key priority is the people who put their trust and faith in you to properly represent them in parliament. Show everyone what badass opposition looks like! Then and only then, might you have demonstrated that one of you, (incumbent leader or not) is able to step up and lead a united, forceful and effective Labour Party into government. 

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Roll up! Roll up! Votes for sale, only £25!

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I have to say I'm very disappointed with the latest arbitrary Labour Party rule changes. £25 is a lot to register as a supporter of the party. Essentially, those on a low wage, unemployed or incapacitated are having a bar placed against them becoming registered supporters - these are the very people whom the Labour Party are supposed to represent.

Also, the way this is being done - not only the massive hike, from £3 to £25, but also the two day window to sign up specifically for the leadership election. How is it not selling the right to a vote? In addition, charging full members who joined after 12 January a further £25, so they can vote in the leadership ballot is just a dreadful case of reneging on what those members were promised when they signed up in the first place. This is the case, no matter whom those members support - I imagine many who were tempted to join by the "Saving Labour" campaign of the past few weeks, which has been promoted by some MPs are now feeling pretty peed off too!

In any external, public vote, the Electoral Commision would be all over it; but in any case, in any ballot, any organisation giving it the full fairground cry of, "Roll up, roll up, buy a vote, only £25 quid!" is on very questionable ground indeed.